Does the Roof Razor work on a shallow pitch roof?

Does the Roof Razor work around dormers and angles?

Does the Roof Razor go over electrical roof heater cable?
Yes.  The poly wheels roll over electrical roof heater cable, leaving them fastened as they were.

Does the Roof Razor go over coaxial TV cable?
Yes.  The poly wheels roll over coaxial TV cable, leaving it fastened as it was.

Are there any problems with vent pipes or chimneys?
No.  Snow does not collect on the top of vent pipes or chimneys so you simply go to the left or right.

Can you use a Roof Razor on a metal roof, a tile roof or a roof with architectural shingles?
Yes, by adding the 4 inch or 6 inch wheels to your order.  If you have a standing seam metal roof and the seam is not higher than 1 inch, the larger diameter wheels are not needed.  The Roof Razor comes with 2 inch diameter wheels already installed.  Remember, the clearance obtained by any wheel is half the diameter.  Therefore, the already installed 2 inch diameter wheels will clear a 1 inch obstruction.

How many and how long are the poles supplied with the Roof Razor?
There are 4 poles supplied with the Roof Razor.  Each pole is 6 feet long.  The total length of the supplied poles is 24 feet.  Additional poles may be purchased. 

Are the Roof Razor poles plastic?
No.  The poles are aircraft grade tempered aluminum.  Very strong.

What is the outside diameter of the poles?
The outside diameter of the poles is 1  3/8 inches.  The wall thickness of the pole is 1/16 inch.  This is the largest diameter and strongest pole of any roof snow removal tool made.

Is the Roof Razor snow slide plastic?
No.  The snow slide is a specially treated fabric slippery to snow yet stays flexible in the cold.

How long will the snow slide last?
It depends on the care of the user.  Sharp edges or nails protruding up from the roof may cause cuts.  Used properly, the snow slide should last for several years.  Replacement snow slides are available.

Does deep snow on a roof cause a problem?
No.  The Roof Razor easily removes snow that is several feet thick.  The purchase of the Drift Cutter Kit is recommended for snow over 12 inches deep.

What is the "Pole Angle Kit" used for?
The Pole Angle Kit consists of two short sections of pole that have an angle in them.  It is usually used when there is not enough distance to back away from the edge of the roof to use the Roof Razor.  An adjacent building is usually the cause of this.  The Pole Angle Kit is also useful when the land slopes steeply downward away from the building being worked on.

What is the "Drift Cutter Kit" used for?
Best used in deep snow over 12 inches, the Drift Cutter is an aluminum bar that extends straight up from the center area of the tool head.  As the head cuts and removes snow down the snow slide, the Drift Cutter puts a slice into the snow above the tool head causing the snow to collapse onto the snow slide and go off the roof.  This action will allow the removal of very deep snow with just one pass. 

What's the maximum height roof the Roof Razor can handle?
The lowest edge of the roof should not be more than 18 feet from the ground.  A problem likely to be encountered only on a house of 3 full stories.

After I place my order, how long will it be before I receive my Roof Razor?
Shipping is by ground and will generally take 4 business days.  If you need it faster you may contact Customer Service to arrange for faster delivery, but the shipping expense will be considerably higher.

How difficult is the assembly of the Roof Razor?
Assembly requires attaching the head of the Roof Razor to a pole.  This is easily accomplished with just 2 bolts and 2 nuts.  You will also unroll the slide and slip the remaining pole sections one into the other. 

Why do you require a phone number to make a purchase?
Many carriers will not accept the product for transport unless a phone number is included in the shipping data.  This helps to insure delivery should there be a problem.  We do not sell your information.

What are the 3 most frequently purchased accessories in order of sales?
  1. Extra poles(s)
  2. Angle Kit
  3. Drift Cutter 

What's the difference between the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor and the less expensive products?
  1. Better design
  2. Better quality
  3. Better performance
  4. Longer durability
  5. Better investment - the Roof Razor is an investment in your home or business maintenance.