SOLAR SWEEPER PREMIUM (comes with five 6 foot pole sections - 30 feet total)



If you live in snow country and own solar panels, you know they must be kept clear of snow for the solar panels to function at their maximum efficiency. MinnSNOWta, the company that invented the patented Roof Razor now presents an entirely new product called the Solar Sweeper Premium. This tool is the safe and easy way to clear solar panels of snow. Safe for the user as it can be used from the ground and safe for the solar panels as no metal parts come in contact with the solar panel.

Snow can shut down your solar system for days and even weeks, all the while the sun is shining. More importantly, on roof mounted solar panels, the weight of the snow itself can present a problem when combined with the weight of the solar panel which could structurally weaken the roof.

The Solar Sweeper Premium is available as a complete unit for $149.95. It includes the Snow Sweeper 24" wide head and 5' long no-stick slide along with five pole sections, each section being 6' in length. Total reach is 30'. Additional poles section may be ordered.

The Solar Panel Snow Remover sweeping edge is made from high density polyethylene to remove snow from solar panels without damage. The poles are made from aircraft grade aluminum that is 1 3/8" in diameter. The slide is a fabric covered with a proprietary no-stick coating. The Solar Panel Snow Remover is manufactured in the USA by American workers.